Monthly Archives: September 2015

300lbs of tomatoes today

Thanks to the 10 volunteers at today’s harvest including these 3 IB program students from St Thomas and Isabelle’s two daughters!

Approximately 250 – 300 pounds of tomatoes were picked for the food banks today alone!



Delivering our produce

As you all know, almost all of our produce is donated to local food banks … here is our latest delivery at then end of its journey.

Comme vous le savez, la quasi-totalité de nos produits est donnée aux banques alimentaires locales … voici notre dernière livraison à la fin de son voyage.

IMG_4528 IMG_4529 IMG_4531 IMG_4532



September in the Garden

Glorious, low, golden September sunshine this morning revealed The Garden at Fritz – packed with late summer vegetables that will make their way to those in need via local food banks etc.


Here are some photographs … it was truly beautiful in the garden today proving that the season’s hard work by our volunteers has paid off once again.

(Click any thumbnail below to see the pictures at full size)