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The Garden at Fritz (FFYGP) has received some letters of thanks and appreciation from several of the local groups to whom we donate our produce.

It’s good to know that our work is doing good in the community.

You can view these letters from the following links:

Centre d’action bénévole Ouest-de-l’Ile / Volunteer West Island

Service Communautaire On Rock

Fonds d’aide de l’Ouest-de-l’Ile / West Island Assistance Fund


The 2015 Season

The Garden at Fritz is run by volunteers, of all ages, who have been working hard this summer harvesting vegetables in the garden.  One of our goals is to donate as much of our produce as possible to those areas of the West Island that have residents in need of food banks and other forms of assistance.  Poverty is not always visible on the West Island.  The charities we deliver to typically prepare meals in their kitchens for distribution to local residents and are very happy to take deliveries of fresh vegetables.  If you have some surplus produce from your garden (zucchinis maybe) that you would like to donate, send us an email and we will see that it gets donated to those in need.

tomsAs of mid-September 2015, we have delivered to:

  • 2x Comptoir alimentaire. Ste-Anne de Bellevue
  • 3x Volunteer West Island (meals on wheels) Ste-Anne de Bellevue
  • 6x West Island Assistance Fund, Roxboro
  • West Island Assistance Fund – 2 trips total of 100lbs tomatoes, 25 lbs beans and 25lbs squash
  • 4x On Rock Community Services, Pierrefonds
  • 50lbs squash Meals on Wheels

This amounts to approximately 125 lbs. of green and yellow beans, 400 lbs. of tomatoes and 150 lbs. of cucumbers plus large quantities of squash and other items.

Come to the garden and share your gardening knowledge and passion with other Baie-D’Urfé residents.  The garden is a great use of land at Fritz Farm, help us put the farm back in Fritz.

Pride of the Pumpkins

Today was the Baie-D-Urfé Fall Environment Day and the people from the Garden at Fritz held the end of season weigh-in of the competition pumpkins … the winner came in at 150 lbs !!

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