Monthly Archives: August 2016

The Harvest to Date

Today’s harvest was performed for the Garden-at-Fritz by Jorgia, Justin and Gabrielle from the McGill’s Farm to School program ….who enjoyed themselves this morning helping out with the gathering of crops.


Up to this morning (to which you can add the contents of these three boxes, at the moment un-weighed) the garden has provided the following vegetables to the food banks/meals-on-wheels we support:

Beans – 116.3 kg
Courgettes/Cucumbers – 37.8 kg (+ 4/5 unweighed boxes)
Tomatoes – 51.7 kg (+ 3 unweighed boxes from this morning)
Beets – 60 roots
Kale – 2 unweighed boxes
Celery – 21 stalks
Mixed salad – 14 4-litre bags
Celeriac – 6 bulbs

… and there’s plenty more to come, especially as the tomatoes ripen. We have hardly started.


Harvest continues

Today’s haul for the needy!
8 volunteers, three 15 or under…
A reminder you’re always welcome to volunteer….