Last Year we did this …

There is a summary of last year’s achievements at the garden for anyone interested. It contains the comparative harvest compared to previous years and the amount ts delivered to the food banks we support as well as a review of the year, lessons learned and plans for 2022. You can download a copy here:

Fritz the Fox

As our harvest season gradually draws to an end (not quite there yet) we recognize the sterling work done by Fritz the Fox and his friends and relations to keep the rabbits in their place.

Planting Day!!

Around a dozen worker-volunteers arrived this morning ahead of the heatwave and possible thunderstorms to plant out several hundred tomato, pepper, aubergine, cucumber and courgettes plants at the garden. The irrigation system is almost all up and working. There just remains now some weeks of careful maintenance, weeding, pinching out, watering and waiting for theContinue reading “Planting Day!!”