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March 2015

My Fritz Farm Garden Experience
By Elias Andraos

Last summer, my parents urged me to participate in a program in Baie D’Urfé, to get to know people and have something to do during the summer vacation. As an example they told me about the Fritz Farm Youth Garden Project. At first, I wasn’t very excited, but I decided to give it a try. I went to the first meeting a little bit reluctantly, because I thought it would be impossible for anything with a horribly long name like the Fritz Farm Youth Garden Project to be fun. However, I was completely surprised. The garden turned out to be quite fun, and I learned that there is no better feeling than picking (and eating) something with my friends that I had put a whole summer of work into. All in all, I’m happy that I found this project and I will definitely go there this summer again.

Mon expérience au jardin de la Ferme Fritz

L’été dernier, mes parents m’ont proposé de participer à un programme à Baie D’Urfé, pour rencontrer d’autres jeunes et avoir quelque chose à faire pendant les vacances d’été. Comme un exemple, ils m’ont parlé du projet Fritz Farm Youth Garden. Au début, je ne étais pas très enthousiaste, mais j’ai décidé de l’essayer. Je suis allé à la première réunion un peu hésitant, parce que je pensais que ce serait impossible pour n’ importe quoi avec un nom horriblement long comme le projet Garden Youth Fritz Farm d’être amusant. Cependant, j’ai été complètement surpris. Le jardin était très amusant, et j’ai appris qu’il n’y a pas de meilleure sensation que de cueillir (et manger) quelque chose avec mes amis dans lequel j’avais mis tout un été de travail. Dans l’ensemble, je suis heureux que j’ai trouvé ce projet et je vais certainement y retourner cet été.


Spring will be here before long (really!) and the Garden at Fritz team are looking for some volunteers willing to help us with the season ahead and the promotion of this venture in the town community.

A couple of jobs have been filled, but there are plenty of other interesting opportunities … and even the people who have taken an area of responsibility could use a little help.

We are seeking:

  • Fund Raising and Promotional Activities: Baie D’Urfé Days parade.
  • Produce Delivery: Delivery to Provigo and other produce recipients.
  • News & Views Monthly Article: Promote garden with monthly articles.
  • Planting & Maintenance: Planning, record keeping, planting and maintenance of garden.
  • Town Liaison:(position filled)
  • Facilitate communication with Baie D’Urfé Town Council.
  • Volunteer Coordinator & Communication:(position filled)
    Maintain volunteer list and email communication.
  • Website Design & Updating: (position filled)
    Maintain and updating of website.

If you would like to volunteer, or simply are seeking more information please get in touch or just come to our monthly meeting and get involved, for a day, a week or for the whole season. Or if you have a green project stuck in your head, contact us, we want to hear it. The garden is a great use of land at Fritz Farm, help us put the farm back in Fritz.


February 2015


Happy New Year to all our volunteers who helped out at the garden last year, and to all the other gardeners out there. For those of you who do not know us, Fritz Farm Youth Gardening Program Association, or more simply FFYGPA, is a volunteer based association of Baie D’Urfé residents. The Association grows pesticide free vegetables in a plot of land 50’ x 100’ just west of the Fritz Farm house. The Association gives most of the production from the garden to local food banks, we also sold cucumbers and tomatoes at Provigo to help fund our activities. Last year we had a number of volunteers both young and old help out in the garden, as well as kids from the local schools.

FFYGPA is starting to plan for the coming growing season. This year (2015) we want to attract Baie D’Urfé residents, of all ages, who are interested in helping. If you have a specific gardening skill or knowledge growing vegetables that you want to share with our young people, we need you. We have specific jobs for the season or just come to our monthly meeting and get involved, for a day, a week or for the whole season. Or if you have a green project stuck in your head, contact us we want to hear it. The garden is a great use of land at Fritz Farm, help us put the farm back in Fritz.



August 2014

The Fritz Farm Youth Gardening Program has been very productive! Since our last report, we have harvested over 150lbs of cucumbers, 50lbs of beans, and some sweet peas that our young volunteers have enjoyed. Our cucumbers that made it to the Baie d’Urfé Provigo have sold out and more have been donated to the Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue Meals on Wheels via the West Island Volunteer Bureau. The tomatoes are almost ready so we will begin to harvest them along with more beans, peas and peppers. Sunday, August 10th, FFYGP will be at Maxwell’s block party. Details on that in the next article. Come see us at the farm! We need your help.
Le Programme de Jardinage pour Jeunes de la Ferme Fritz déborde de légumes! Depuis que nous nous sommes parlé la dernière fois, nous avons cueilli plus de 150 livres de concombres, plus de 50 livres de fèves et quelques pois mange-tout que nos jeunes bénévoles ont bien aimé. Nos concombres ont été vendus avec grand succès au Provigo de Baie d’Urfé et bien d’autres ont été donnés à la Popote Communautaire par l’Intermédiaire du Centre d’Action Bénévole de Montréal. Nos tomates seront bientôt prêtes à cueillir ainsi que d’autres fèves, des pois-mange-tout et de délicieux piments verts. Le PJJFF sera présent à la fête de la Maison Maxwell le 10 août. Plus de détaille sur ceci dans notre prochaine lettre. Venez nous voir au potager! Nous avons besoin de vous.


May 2014

The town of Baie d’Urfé is pilot-testing a gardening program for young people to learn gardening skills and for a chance for those experienced gardeners to mentor and pass on their knowledge. A 20×30 meter plot has been staked out on Fritz Farm grounds just west of the grey house and planting will commence within a few weeks. We need volunteers! If you are interested in learning, helping, or passing on that valuable expertise, please call Brian Manning at 514-457-5324 or at

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