Who are we

Created in 2014, the Fritz Farm Youth Gardening Association (FFYGA) is a Community Volunteer Organization that donates 100% of its freshly picked, organic, pesticide free crops to local food banks in the West Island.

In doing this, volunteers help involve local youth in bettering their community, teaching them how to grow their own food, assume responsibility for others and contribute to developing social values. 

The Garden at Fritz program also aims to connect veteran gardeners with our youth through teaching about gardening.

We wish to Thank the Town Council of Baie D’Urfé for believing in this program and for providing the land at Fritz Farm and Mike Bleho from the McGill University Horticultural Center plus all the other volunteers that came out to help us!

Those of you interested in passing on your knowledge about gardening, benefitting from the knowledge of experienced volunteers, getting some fresh air and enjoying the beautiful view of the lake, or just curious about the program, please let us know at gardenatfritz@gmail.com.

Who benefits from our crops?

All of the vegetable we grow are donated to local food banks , good causes or  charities in the West Island such as the following…

Who is in charge?

  • President: Robert Brown
  • Treasurer: Richard Gregson
  • Director: Brian Manning
  • Director: Claudia Thierry
  • Director: Stefan Thierry
  • Director: Françoise Girard

Other Responsibilities :

  • Produce Delivery: Stefan and Claudia Thierry, David Marlowe
  • Planting & Maintenance: Everyone
  • Communications: Richard Gregson

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