Town Garden Tour – getting ready

Last Saturday was the Town Garden Tour as part of Baie-D’Urfé Days … in preparation:

Warren & Robert, ready for visitors
Warren & Robert, ready for visitors
"Pest control"
“Pest control”
The welcome stand
The welcome stand
Garden mosaic - made by the Girl Guides
Garden mosaic – made by the Girl Guides

Pumpkin Day at the Garden at Fritz

A competition for Baie-D’Urfé Gardeners

Come to the Garden at Fritz tomorrow and try your green thumbs at this year’s Pumpkin Competition.

We have fifteen seeds from a champion-winning giant pumpkin – one seed free to each of the first fifteen gardeners who claim them.

We have set a special section of the gardena side for you to go them in … at the end of summer we will determine which of you has grown the biggest and award a prize (what it will be has yet to be determined). If you can beat 2337 lbs weight you can take the world championship.

We will be there from 9am to 11am – first come, first claim on a seed.

There will plenty of jobs for volunteers to help with too – there are 75 onion sets to be planted out, we will be making bamboo tripods for the pole beans, doing some general weeding and soil prep.

See you in the morning.

NOTE:  There is a possibility of thunderstorms and rain tomorrow … if they look too likely to happen we will postpone the pumpkin planting until Wednesday (between 4pm and 6pm).

If we do decide to postpone, we will post a message on our website in the news page later today – check back for an update this evening.