Up and running

The Fritz Farm Youth Gardening Program (FFYGP) is up and running.Fritz Garden may2014

In the last News & Views, we announced the initiation of the program and that a 20 x 30 meter plot had been staked out on the grounds of Fritz Farm. Well, we were busy in May and June! The grass was removed then the plot was plowed, we planted over 200 cucumbers, 200 leeks, seeded peas and bush beans. On 9 June, we had our first call for volunteers to help us plant the 250 tomato plants that, like the cucumbers and leeks, were kick started at the McGill University, Macdonald Campus greenhouse. We created an additional two plots within the garden for the students at Joseph Henrico and Dorset schools.

Approximately 40 students from these two schools are participating in this program and have already planted the seedlings they grew in their classrooms when the school grounds were still covered in snow; these include tomatoes, cucumbers, sunflowers, pole beans and some fine herbs. Congratulations on your first planting Joseph Henrico and Dorset !

The goal of FFYGP is to teach our youth about growing your own food , responsibility and social values. In the age of mega supermarkets and heavily industrialized farming, we have lost much of our connection to the food we eat. However, Baie D’Urfé is home to many talented gardeners and many of us have been growing our own fruits and vegetables for years. The program therefore also aims to connect the veteran gardeners with our youth through teaching about gardening.The produce will be harvested throughout the summer and fall. Some may be sold at a “vegetable stand”, some may also be sold at Provigo and the Ste Anne Farmers Market. We are also looking forward to donating our crops to local food banks and charities in the area.

We wish to Thank the Town Council of Baie D’Urfe for believing in this program and for providing the land at Fritz Farm, Mike Bleho from the McGill University Horticultural Center ,Carl and Shane Storsater from C.S.E. Enterprises and all the other volunteers that came out to help us !

The work has just started and we are going to need your help. Those of you interested in passing on your knowledge about gardening, getting some fresh air and enjoying the beautiful view of the lake, or just curious about the program, please let us know at gardenatfritz@gmail.com.

We have also creating this website that will have updates on activities, photos, and chances for volunteering.



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