Who benefits from our crops?

Most of the vegetable we grow are donated to local food banks , good causes or  charities such as the following…

West Island Volunteer Bureau , Meals on Wheels , Ste Anne de Bellevue Branch  www.cabvwi.org

Services Communautaires On Rock Community Services   www.onrock.org

West Island Mission  http://www.westviewlife.org/#/missions/west-island-mission

St Columba by the Lake Food Ministry  www.stcolumba.ca


We have also sold some produce in our local Provigo store as a fund-raiser

photo 3_1
From left to right Daja Vodanovic , Brian Manning , Isabelle Anne Bisson ,Robert Brown , Francis Deroo , owner of Provigo Baie D’Urfe who is a proud Corporate sponsor of the FFYGP.

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