Looking for volunteers

Spring will be here before long (really !) and the Garden at Fritz team are looking for some volunteers willing to help us with the season ahead and the promotion of this venture in the town community.

A couple of jobs have been filled, but there are plenty of other interesting opportunities … and even the people who have taken an area of responsibility could use a little help.

If you would like to volunteer, or simply are seeking more information please get in touch with us at gardenatfritz@gmail.com

We are seeking:

  • Town Liaison: (position filled)
    Facilitate communication with Baie D’Urfé Town Council.
  • Fund Raising and Promotional Activities:
    Baie D’Urfé Days parade.
  • Volunteer Coordinator & Communication:
    Maintain volunteer list and email communication.
  • Produce Delivery:
    Delivery to Provigo and other produce recipients.
  • News & Views Monthly Article:
    Promote garden with monthly articles.
  • Planting & Maintenance:
    Planning, record keeping, planting and maintenance of garden.
  • Website Design & Updating: (position filled)
    Maintain and updating of website.

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