Opening the Garden – 2021

Given some nice weather in the next couple of weeks so that the site can be ploughed and tilled we plan to hold our first volunteer work party on Saturday 15 May starting at 9am.

The opening season dates are as follows – if you have given us your name as a volunteer or would just like to help anyway, please come along. There will something for everyone to contribute.

Opening Schedule
** Start at 9am each day unless told otherwise
Wet Weather
Alternative Dates
Sat 15 May – “Opening Day” – set out geotex and stakes. Clear any weeds that have survived the ploughing. Erect rabbit fence around bean patch if we have enough volunteers.Sat 22 May
Wed 19 May – (and any other day that week people are free) – start to install irrigation lines. Erect Gazebo if not already done.. Erect rabbit fence if not already installed.Wed 26 May
Sat 22 May – continue as above. Put up bean-pole towers.Sat 29 May
Wed 26 May – continue as above
Sat 29 Mayfirst planting of seedlings that are mature enough plus complete unfinished tasks.
Wed 2 June – continue planting and sowing etc
Thereafter – regular work sessions each Saturday and Wednesday starting at 9am

If you have any questions just get in touch –

** Any changes to the schedule, need for additional jobs on other days etc will be published here and on our Facebook page. Major news items will also be distributed by email to those on our address list.

The season will start like this
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