Season Start – Saturday 15 May

It looks like the gods are smiling and we will be able to open the garden on Saturday 15 May

First thing – we will be observing the basic covid health protocols.

  1. Bring a mask to wear if you cannot avoid getting too close to other volunteers.
  2. Try to observe the usual social distancing procedure we are all used to now.
  3. Consider having hand sanitiser just in case.

Now to the gardening. The garden is planted in three rotating strips – tomatoes to the east, beans, aubergines, peppers and onions in the middle and assorted squash and courgettes on the west. We will be concentrating on the following:

  1. Removing any weed roots that have escaped the earlier attempts to get them under control and the tilling.
  2. Setting out the main irrigation hoses and sprinklers
  3. Laying geotex sheets and strips for paths between planting rows and nailing them to the ground with anchor nails
  4. Setting up the support poles for the tomatoes.

You should bring –

  • Basic tools for any weeding that has to be done
  • A heavy hammer (if possible) for fixing the geotex nails
  • Stout footwear and gardening gloves, sunhat etc
  • Enthusiasm.

We will start work at 9am. Please park along Stafford. We will have a quick question and introduction session and then get down to work. We will finish round about noon or thereabouts though nobody is going to stop you working longer if you wish.

Anything we are unable to finish on Saturday morning we will try to complete on the following Wednesday – 9am start again. Planting will be done once the weather is warm enough and the seedlings stout enough.

Looking forward to seeing the community at work.

Some scenes from this time last year …

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