2018 Pumpkin Contest

The winning pumpkin was grown by Annika Peschlow with a circumference of 62 inches.

Other, almost as large, pumpkins were grown by young gardeners Julien Rosu, Mia Brady, Kristjan Peschlow and Giulia Peltier.

Thanks to everyone who planted a seed back in the spring.

2017 Pumpkin Contest Winner

This morning was the weigh-in for the 2017 Giant Pumpkin Contest. Each spring we give special seeds to young members of our community which they can grow on in part of the Garden at Fritz. Unlike last year, the weather was glorious this October morning. After the warm and wet summer we have enjoyed, the pumpkins have grown mightily and we have set a new record.

The winning pumpkin was grown by Thomas and Julianne Thierry and it weighed an amazing 180lbs (82 kg)



Our thanks to everyone who took part – and we look forward to trying to beat this record in 2018.






We have just received this letter from the West Island Assistance Fund Foodbank that receives vegetables from the Garden:
Dear Sirs,
On behalf of the West Island Assistance Fund we thank you for your donation of fresh vegetables.
We are grateful for your interest in our work. With donations such as yours, we can continue to offer assistance, help and support to families experiencing a crisis. Up to now we have helped hundreds of families and we can accomplish more.
In the name of all the people that we help, our volunteers, our employees and in my own name I thank you.
Claudine S. Campeau, B.A.A., ll.b
Executive Director

Press Day at the Garden

Saturday morning is a regular opportunity for the volunteers to harvest vegetables. Today we invited the Montreal press to come along and watch us at work … one or two made it 🙂

Most of the regular volunteers paused for coffee

Picking beans


Butternut squash will be ready soon

Are these the winning pumpkins in this year’s contest?

A new recruit to the team

Wonderful Harvest (and tiny visitors)

The harvest we are gathering at the Fritz Garden this summer is simply wonderful. We have been gathering boxes and boxes of beans, cucumbers, celery, aubergines, beets, cilantro, zucchini/courgettes etc and our expansive rows of tomatoes are starting to ripen. All of this goes to local food banks and is gathered and distributed by our dedicated volunteers.

Earlier this week one of our volunteers, Claudia, was delighted to welcome a visit by the young people from the Whiteside-Taylor Garderie. They learned about what we do, saw vegetables being grown and helped a bit with the harvesting. Later Claudia received a thank-you card from the children.


Signs of a Wonderful Season

The cooler than usual and moist weather we are enjoying this year is making the crops in the garden grow really well this year – everything is green and lush and we look forward to having a good harvest in the weeks ahead. The food banks and meals-on-wheels groups that we supply should be pleased at what we will have for them. Here are some pictures from this morning.

Please come and help – general gardening tasks at the moment will before long be supplemented by the excitement of harvesting and distributing. Every Wednesday from 16:00 to 18:00 and Saturday mornings from 09:00 to 11:00 are the regular “garden parties”.


The Garden is Under Way

The garden is looking good – all the row covers and irrigation lines are in place and most of the crops have been planted … including the children’s entries for the annual pumpkin contest.

BUT there are still things to do and crops to be planted so if you can come to the garden between 9 and 11 am on Saturday we will welcome you and show you what to do. Rain or shine we will be gardening. Monsoon? Perhaps not

Junior gardeners plant their competition pumpkins

Fixing the weed-suppressing geotextile

Planting tomatoes and aubergines in one half of the garden