What did we harvest this year??

It’s almost the end of the vegetable harvesting season at the Garden-at-Fritz and everyone is excited to know how much we grew and delivered to the food banks and meals-on-wheels service in the area.

With the fabulous help of our volunteers we brought in …

Beans 243kg
Courgettes/Zucchini 230.8kg
Tomatoes 942kg
Beets 100kg

3 large boxes


21 plants


55 x 4litre bags


11 plants

Peppers 145kg
Carrots 0.75kg

39 x 4litre bags



That’s enough tomatoes to top at least 4000 pizzas

There is still more to be harvested – pumpkins, squash and some lettuce – and so we will be starting to clean and clear the site soon, perhaps next weekend. Look out for an invitation to join us before the cold weather.


Appreciation from the Mayor

A message to the volunteers at the Garden from the town’s Mayor:

Thank you all for your generosity of time and labour to help provide fresh, naturally grown healthy vegetables for the benefit of many people in need.

We are very proud of the good work you do for the extended island community.

Maria Tutino

The Harvest to Date

Today’s harvest was performed for the Garden-at-Fritz by Jorgia, Justin and Gabrielle from the McGill’s Farm to School program ….who enjoyed themselves this morning helping out with the gathering of crops.


Up to this morning (to which you can add the contents of these three boxes, at the moment un-weighed) the garden has provided the following vegetables to the food banks/meals-on-wheels we support:

Beans – 116.3 kg
Courgettes/Cucumbers – 37.8 kg (+ 4/5 unweighed boxes)
Tomatoes – 51.7 kg (+ 3 unweighed boxes from this morning)
Beets – 60 roots
Kale – 2 unweighed boxes
Celery – 21 stalks
Mixed salad – 14 4-litre bags
Celeriac – 6 bulbs

… and there’s plenty more to come, especially as the tomatoes ripen. We have hardly started.

Harvest 27 & 30 July

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Harvest by Robert, Oliver, Christine and Gisela, and the same group as a week earlier from McGill

  • 30 Beets
  • 14 kg Beans
  • 2 green containers of Cucumbers
  • 1 green container of Kale
  • ½   “           “       of Zucchini

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Harvest by Christine and Gisela, delivery by Stephane Thierry

  • Yellow Beans          6.5 kg
  • Green Beans          16.0 kg
  • Cucumbers            12.7 kg
  • Zucchini                5.4 kg
  • Tomatoes              2.2 kg



New Workers at the Garden

As our first crops come in this season and we prepare to start distribution to our partner food banks, meals-on-wheels etc we are pleased to welcome the assistance (once a week we hope) of the willing workers from the McGill Ag-Connect Project .

This project seeks to develop self-confidence for intellectually challenged youth through agricultural work experiences that foster life skills. The program has been developed as an inclusive, educational summer opportunity based on food production; providing an accessible opportunity for the intellectually challenged and Work-Oriented Training Path (WOTP) youth which are part of the McGill and greater Montreal community.

It looks like they had a great time in the garden.

The volunteers from Ag-Connect
The first tomatoes are ripening