The Garden Today

The new information sign has been erected and (almost) all the vegetables are planted … next work party is on Saturday 24 June from 9-11am.

Please come and help.

The Garden is Under Way

The garden is looking good – all the row covers and irrigation lines are in place and most of the crops have been planted … including the children’s entries for the annual pumpkin contest.

BUT there are still things to do and crops to be planted so if you can come to the garden between 9 and 11 am on Saturday we will welcome you and show you what to do. Rain or shine we will be gardening. Monsoon? Perhaps not

Junior gardeners plant their competition pumpkins
Fixing the weed-suppressing geotextile
Planting tomatoes and aubergines in one half of the garden

Planting is well under way

Preparing the garden and planting is well under way … around 150 tomato plants plus aubergines, onions etc went in on Saturday. Please come and lend an hour to the garden on Wednesday between 4-6pm and next Saturday from 9-11am


We’ve started

The Garden at Fritz has started it’s fourth season of growing food for food banks and meals on wheels … the ground has been opened up and the first rows have begun to take root.


The 2017 Season is Beginning

Come and help please

The new season is starting and we invite you to come along and help us get the crops off to a good start once again … please come for as long or as little as you can manage.

The seedlings have germinated and will be ready for planting but first we have to get the ground ready, lay out the irrigation hoses and install the row covers. Work sessions have been arranged as follows (note If anyone wants to come at 8 or later than 11 just send us an email and someone will be there to supervise if possible):

Saturday 27 May from 9-11pm

Wed 31 May from 4-6pm

Saturday 3 June from 9-11 

and Saturday 10 June from  9-11am

*At the June 10 session we will be starting the childrens’ annual pumpkin planting contest. Bring your young gardeners along – special giant pumpkin seeds will be handed out, you choose your planting spot and keep an eye on your plants growth through the summer. There will be prizes in the fall for the largest/heaviest pumpkin grown.

We look forward to seeing you – please bring gardening tools if you can.  Remember that all our produce is donated to Meals on Wheels and local food banks.


A Big Thankyou

At the end of 2016 The Garden at Fritz held a pot-luck evening to thank our volunteers for their work during the year.


We also extend kind acknowledgements to Mike Bleho and J.P from the McGill University Horticultural Center for once again plowing the field for us during the fall…. Mike and McGill university have been a tremendous help and strong promoters of the Fritz Farm Youth Gardening Program since its inception in the spring of 2013.


We will be starting soon on our plans for the 2017 season. Please look out for details of how you can once again help to help those who benefit from our fresh vegetables.

Pumpkin weigh-in ends the season

This morning (Saturday 22 October) The garden-at-Fritz ended a fabulously successful and productive year growing vegetables for local food banks by celebrating – in pouring rain – the weigh-in for our Annual Youth Pumpkin Contest.

Each season young people from the town are invited to “adopt” a pumpkin seed which they plant and tend during the summer months with the object of growing the largest pumpkin ready for Halloween.

  • First prize was taken by Ana Gagnon at 110lbs
  • Second prize went to Sophie Hamdan at 100 lbs
  • Third prize was awarded to Claudia Tierry with a pumpkin of 80 lbs

Our congratulations to the winners and our thanks to the other 15 contestants for taking part.

(Click on any of the thumbnails below to see a full-size image in a slide show)

What did we harvest this year??

It’s almost the end of the vegetable harvesting season at the Garden-at-Fritz and everyone is excited to know how much we grew and delivered to the food banks and meals-on-wheels service in the area.

With the fabulous help of our volunteers we brought in …

Beans 243kg
Courgettes/Zucchini 230.8kg
Tomatoes 942kg
Beets 100kg

3 large boxes


21 plants


55 x 4litre bags


11 plants

Peppers 145kg
Carrots 0.75kg

39 x 4litre bags



That’s enough tomatoes to top at least 4000 pizzas

There is still more to be harvested – pumpkins, squash and some lettuce – and so we will be starting to clean and clear the site soon, perhaps next weekend. Look out for an invitation to join us before the cold weather.