Pumpkin weigh-in ends the season

This morning (Saturday 22 October) The garden-at-Fritz ended a fabulously successful and productive year growing vegetables for local food banks by celebrating – in pouring rain – the weigh-in for our Annual Youth Pumpkin Contest.

Each season young people from the town are invited to “adopt” a pumpkin seed which they plant and tend during the summer months with the object of growing the largest pumpkin ready for Halloween.

  • First prize was taken by Ana Gagnon at 110lbs
  • Second prize went to Sophie Hamdan at 100 lbs
  • Third prize was awarded to Claudia Tierry with a pumpkin of 80 lbs

Our congratulations to the winners and our thanks to the other 15 contestants for taking part.

(Click on any of the thumbnails below to see a full-size image in a slide show)

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin weigh-in ends the season

  1. It was an adventure finding which pumpkin led to whose plant! It was a jungle out there. Some of the pumpkins were completely hidden by vines and it was a surprise to discover yet more pumpkins than anticipated.

  2. Who knew Pumpkins could grow so beautifully ??
    Congratulations Everyone!!! What a successful Year!!!!

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